Services Provided by Cook Girard - Government Affairs, Lobbying and Grassroots Management

Cook Girard provides a complete package of government affairs services to assist our clients in achieving public policy objectives:
  • Public Policy Strategy Development

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    Success in the legislative and regulatory arenas begins with a solid strategy tailored to each specific client and issue. Before any public policy effort is underway, the Cook Girard team will ensure there is a focused strategy in place to most effectively deliver results for our clients.
  • Issue Management

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    The political environment can change quickly, requiring an ongoing and dynamic review of strategies, messaging and management of public policy initiatives. Cook Girard constantly monitors the political trends, assisting our clients on policy positions and strategy to stay ahead of the curve on issues. We ensure our clients are competitive in any political environment.
  • Relationship Building and Access

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    The key to success in government affairs is the growth and maintenance of strong relationships with policymakers. Clients need access when it matters most. Over the course of multiple gubernatorial administrations and legislative leadership teams, Cook Girard has demonstrated a unique ability to forge relationships and maintain access with key players in Minnesota government. Our clients benefit from these relationships and we further assist clients in building their own connections with the policymakers who have the greatest impact on their legislative and regulatory agenda.
  • Effective Execution of Strategy

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    The best plans cannot succeed without effective execution. Cook Girard works with clients to develop a communications plan that utilizes the right messengers and the right timing. We know when it is most advantageous for lobbyists to deliver the message, when we need grassroots support and when the CEO or team-members will have the greatest impact on policymakers. We also have a keen awareness of the best timing for various elements of a public policy strategy – and we know when it’s time to revisit strategies or policy objectives.
  • Day-to-Day Management

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    A key element to Cook Girard’s superior client service is our attention to detail and constant presence at the Capitol. From scheduling and attending meetings with legislators to monitoring legislative hearings, tracking legislation and providing constant updates, Cook Girard’s team ensures our clients are consistently well represented and well informed. We are our clients’ eyes, ears and voice in Minnesota state government.
  • Coalition Development/Grassroots Management

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    Coalitions play a critical role in government affairs activities in Minnesota.  Cook Girard has a demonstrated ability to develop and manage coalitions, generate consensus among broad stakeholders on policy positions and coordinate efforts for progress towards their goals.  We also have experience in effective grassroots strategies that utilize constituent contact with legislators, a critical tool to gain support on controversial issues.  Most importantly, we know when to deploy grassroots so that it is most effective in a legislative effort.
  • Dynamic Communication

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    Unequaled in Minnesota government affairs, Cook Girard’s constant and dynamic communication with our clients is central to effective public policy results. When the legislature is in session Cook Girard maintains an ongoing presence at the Capitol, giving our clients knowledge and understanding about what is happening both publicly and behind the scenes. This vigilance allows us to provide our clients with up-to-the-minute information about the legislative process, emerging issues, negotiations on critical issues and important anecdotes that can change the complexion of a session and impact specific issues.
Cook Girard has the knowledge, experience, relationships, and winning strategies for effective public policy results.
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